State, Local and Education (SLED)

State and Local Governments

State and local governments are all facing challenges in terms of changing demographics and limited resources. The balancing act of keeping constituents safe and happy with cost management is difficult. Even with many challenges in common, state and local governments each have their own unique requirements and priorities.

The CST team prides itself on partnering with clients to customize solutions while leveraging off-the-shelf products and lessons learned. CST helps state and local governments provide better service to citizens by accelerating their transition from legacy systems to rapidly deployed, cost-effective, and up-to-date enterprise platforms. Tailored to the unique needs of each agency, town or school district, CST’s solutions improve efficiency, decision-making, and accountability. At the same time, they are reducing operational costs and providing enhanced services to employees and constituents.

By integrating data from across all of a jurisdiction’s departments, from human resources and financial management to procurement and case management, CST’s services and solutions streamline processes and enable real-time access to critical information. This helps government agencies reduce the cost of delivering superior services to employees and constituents.


Today’s ever-changing social and economic environment are challenging our schools more than ever. With increasing international competition and security threats, providing a high-quality educational experience is a key concern. On top of this, school populations are growing as resources are becoming more and more scarce. While technology can present some of the answers, technology typically comes with additional overhead, costs and risks. CST leverages its in-depth knowledge, experience and lessons learned to alleviate these concerns and put schools on the fast track to teacher and student success.

CST is committed to helping schools, colleges and universities address today's challenging educational environment. Our goal is to help educators and administrators leverage technology to:

  • Improve teaching and learning
  • Enhance the student and teacher experience
  • Support informed decision-making and transparency

We combine our deep technical knowledge with educational expertise to develop customized applications, systems and solutions. CST’s consulting services helps educators and administrators promote student and teacher success and efficiency with measurable results.

CST Advantage

The CST team is a diverse, international team of technical and industry leaders that cares about the clients they serve. Because we care and understand the nuances of the SLED environment, we are able to deliver the best solution in the most cost-effective manner. We leverage lessons learned to save clients time and money. We also strive to attain measurable results that clients can use to demonstrate their success.