Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry are continually challenged by the exponential growth of online media users. This industry must capitalize on evolving industry trends and product distribution channels while reducing costs and increasing security.

CST provides content solutions and customized business services for the media and entertainment industry. From content creation, management, publishing and distribution to payroll services, we have the capabilities to develop, implement and support the best solutions to meet your current and future requirements.

Our advertising and media solutions, platforms and consulting services include advertising and new media, advertising platforms, self-service advertising, online and mobile advertising, multi-channel distribution, advertisement sales, as well as media planning and buying.

For the entertainment industry, we provide entertainment-specific payroll systems, business intelligence, customer/product insights, participation and residuals, category management, enterprise systems, as well as content monetization solutions.

CST also works with the publishing industry to provide content creation and XML transformation, content authoring/editorial systems, learning and knowledge management systems, subscription management, and e-commerce systems.

For Information Services, we provide integrated workflow management, editorial systems, content acquisition and authoring solutions, content digitization, information analytics, reporting and circulation systems, as well as services for content collection, quality-control and finalization.