Careers FAQ

Who are CST’s current customers?
CST works with commercial and government organizations looking for high-quality, customized solutions to their every-day business challenges.

What tools will I get when I join CST?
When you join CST, you will be equipped with the latest hardware and software necessary to empower you to be successful in your position.

Will I get any training?
All employees are trained when they first join CST. Employees are encouraged to acquire and maintain technical skills and competencies. Ample time and resources will be provided on an as-needed basis.

What is your dress code?
The CST dress code is typically business casual.

How do I apply for a job or submit my resume/CV?
You can easily apply for a job (i.e., submit your resume) by clicking on the Apply button (located on the job opening description page) or by emailing your resume to

How do I search for jobs?
You can search for jobs at

Why do I not see all of CST’s locations when I search for a job?
Although CST has multiple locations, not all locations have positions available all of the time. If you are interested in a specific location or job that is not listed, please email your resume/CV directly to and list the desired position and/or location in the email subject.

How long do you retain resumes/CVs?
CST keeps resumes/CVs on file indefinitely; however, please feel free to send an updated resume/CV to us whenever you feel it is necessary.

What is the CST interview process?
If your resume matches the requirements of an open position, a member of the CST management team will call you. If specific technical skills are required for the position, you may be asked to go through a technical screen. If the call and/or screen go successfully, a CST team member will schedule an in-person interview.

Where will I work?
CST has offices in Irvine, California, McLean, Virginia and Cairo, Egypt. Depending upon your position and responsibilities, you will be based in one of these locations, or in some cases, on-location at client sites.

What will my schedule look like?
CST’s normal work hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm.

Who will I work with?
CST employees are among the most driven and brightest IT professionals in the industry. We work as a team to ensure that everyone is successful and takes pride in their work.

What are CST benefits?
All full-time CST employees receive health and dental insurance benefits, as well as a generous paid-time-off package.

If I am full-time, will I get benefits?
Yes, full-time employees receive the complete CST benefits package.

Does CST participate in any philanthropic projects?
Yes, CST believes in giving back to the communities where we thrive. Projects vary depending upon the time of year.

What is CST’s policy on work-life balance?
CST believes that a happy, healthy employee is a productive employee, and we promote a work load and schedule conducive to a healthy work-life balance.

Can I work from home?
CST employees may work from home; this is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

CST is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status.